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Project management

How can project management module improve your production results?

As one of the most important segments in production, the project management module's task is making production as transparent and efficient as possible.

MachineDesk, as a unique solution, covers all areas of project implementation: from planning, procurement, execution, monitoring to completion. Follow the course and progress of the project at any time, have control and insight into each step and react in time-manner when the project requires it.

Try the MachineDesk system, achieve maximum production capacity and manage your business efficiently.

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Efficiency and productivity

Project management and production planning as a key part of increasing efficiency and productivity brings faster and easier adjustment of work tasks to customer changes and optimizes production to maximize existing production capacity

Control and coordination

By looking at the production process in real-time, you can take the right steps and coordinate production processes and employees in different locations whether it is a production plant or a warehouse

Competitiveness in the market

The use of MachineDesk modules for the management of production facilities leads to improved quality, reduced delivery times and by this to increased market competitiveness

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List of project

By structuring the list of projects according to set priorities and deadlines, you get a better insight into the entire production process.

With a clear and organized interface, with the help of easy search and unnecessary waste of time, you get relevant data and information. Customize the control panel in the way that works best for you to display the data you think is relevant to your business.

Project scheduling

By chronologically tracking projects in real-time, you make it easier for your planning and scheduling of future projects and orders.

Avoid rejecting new orders, unwanted delays and delivery delays. Schedule new projects, carefully plan all processes such as raw material procurement and enable business without wasting time.

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You always know which people you have assigned certain tasks to during the production process, whether it is one or more people in different shifts.

Through smart analytics, you monitor your performance of various tasks, which can later be used in selecting machines, human resources, and determining product prices.

Templates and documentation

All technical documentation together with the specifics of the project which you can access at any time on one place.

If there is a need to perform the same project, use the saved technical documentation and drawings again.

With templates in which you have previously defined specific tasks and processes, you can plan and start the production process in a short time.

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Work on projects with subcontractors

If the product contains several components and requires the work of several subcontractors together, they can all be involved in the production process. You determine which production segments and user rights you want to share with subcontractors.

Synchronization of several contractors - subcontractors as a very important component in production, allows insight into the production phases of each participant in real time.

This significantly reduces the space for any errors, possible production downtime and waiting for other participants to complete their part of the work, which ultimately eliminates possible delays in the delivery of parts to the customer - the client.

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